Our Beauty Bestie Ambassadors get an exclusive 20% coupon to share with others, for use on their first order. Each sale that you refer earns you a 20% commission on that first order, as well!

Commissions are held for 21 days (to ensure there is no cancel or refund on the order) and then available for payout.  We send the payment to your PayPal account out after each month closes, by the 7th of the following month, and only on months that the total payment exceeds $75 (if your commissions are less then that they roll over to the next month, waiting for you to reach $75).

For those that don't stop at referring new customers, but they ALSO refer new ambassadors to us, we have a VIP Beauty Bestie Program!

VIP Beauty Besties unlock even bigger commissions (up to 40%!)

  • 20% commission = 1-9 new customers referred in a month (resets each calendar month)
  • 30% commission = 10-24 new customers referred in a month
  • 40%¬†commission = 25+ new customers referred in a month

As if that wasn't enough, VIP Beauty Besties also get a commission bonus from the ambassadors they referred. It works like this:

  • 5% bonus commission = those directly referred in by you (they get commissions as described above, you get a bonus equal to 5% of their commission)
  • 3% bonus commission = those referred by those you referred
  • 1% bonus commission = those in the next tier down

There are so many ways to earn! Just for helping women have more gorgeous lashes + happier lives : )  Don't worry, we track all the details automatically and you can log in to your dashboard to see how you are doing, in detail, at any time.

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